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Háppiness. n.s. [from happy.]

  1. Felicity; state in which the desires are satisfied.

    Happiness is that estate whereby we attain, so far as possibly may be attained, the full possession of that which simply for itself is to be desired, and containeth in it after an eminent sort the contentation of our desires, the highest degree of all our perfection. Hooker, b. i.

    Oh! happiness of sweet retir'd content,
    To be at once secure and innocent.

    The various and contrary choices that men make in the world, argue that the same thing is not good to every man alike: this variety of pursuits shews, that every one does not place his happiness in the same thing. Locke.

  2. Good luck; good fortune.

  3. Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace.

    Certain graces and happinesses, peculiar to every language, give life and energy to the words. Denham.

    Some beauties yet no precepts can declare;
    For there's a happiness as well as care.
    Pope on Criticism.

Sources: Denham, John (75) · Hooker, Richard (175) · Locke, John (269) · Pope, Alexander (393)

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