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Jar (noun)

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Jar n.s. [from the verb.]

  1. A kind of rattling vibration of sound.

    In r, the tongue is held stifly at its whole length, by the force of the muscles; so as when the impulse of breath strikes upon the end of the tongue, where it finds passage, it shakes and agitates the whole tongue, whereby the sound is affected with a trembling jar. Holder's Elements of Speech.

  2. Clash; discord; debate.

    He maketh war, he maketh peace again,
    And yet his peace is but continual jar:
    O miserable men, that to him subject are!
    Fairy Queen.

    Nath'less, my brother, since we passed are
    Unto this point, we will appease our jar.
    Hubberd's Tale.

    Force would be right; or rather, right and wrong,
    Between whose endless jar justice presides,
    Would lose their names, and so would justice too.

  3. A state in which a door unfastened may strike the post; half opened.

    The chaffering with dissenters, and dodging about this or t'other ceremony, is but like opening a few wickets, and leaving them a jar, by which no more than one can get in at a time. Swift.

  4. [Giarro, Italian.] An earthen vessel.

    About the upper part of the jar there appeared a good number of bubbles. Boyle.

    He mead for cooling drink prepares,
    Of virgin honey in the jars.

                Warriors welter on the ground,
    Whilst empty jars the dire defeat resound.

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Attributes: Italian (29) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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