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Machíne. n.s. [machina, Latin; machine, French. This word is pronounced masheen.]

  1. Any complicated piece of workmanship.

    We are led to conceive this great machine of the world to have been once in a state of greater simplicity, as to conceive a watch to have been once in its first materials. Burnet.

    In a watch's fine machine,
    The added movements which declare
    How full the moon, how old the year,
    Derive their secundary pow'r
    From that which simply points the hour.

  2. An engine.

                            In the hollow side,
    Selected numbers of their soldiers hide;
    With inward arms the dire machine they load,
    And iron bowels stuff the dark abode.

  3. Supernatural agency in poems.

    The marvellous fable includes whatever is supernatural, and especially the machines of the gods. Pope.

Sources: Burnet, Thomas (45) · Dryden, John (788) · Pope, Alexander (393) · Prior, Matthew (162)

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