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Maiden (noun)

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n.s. [mæden, mæʒden, Saxon, maegd, Dutch.]
  1. An unmarried woman; a virgin.

                Your wives, your daughters,
    Your matrons, and your maids, could not fill up
    The cistern of my lust.
    Shakespeare's Macbeth.

    This is a man old, wrinkl'd, faded, wither'd,
    And not a maiden, as thou say'st he is.

                    I am not solely led
    By nice direction of a maiden's eyes.

    She employed the residue of her life to repairing of highways, building of bridges, and endowing of maidens. Carew.

    Your deluded wife had been a maid;
    Down on the bridal bed a maid she lay,
    A maid she rose at the approaching day.
    Dryden's Juv.

                Let me die, she said,
    Rather than lose the spotless name of maid.

  2. A woman servant.

    My maid Nerissa and myself, mean time,
    Will live as maids and widows.
    Shakesp. Merch. of Venice.

    Old Tancred visited his daughter's bow'r;
    Her cheek, for such his custom was, he kiss'd,
    Then bless'd her kneeling, and her maids dismiss'd.

    Her closet and the gods share all her time,
    Except when, only by some maids attended,
    She seeks some shady solitary grove.

    A thousand maidens ply the purple loom,
    To weave the bed, and deck the regal room.

  3. Female.

    If she bear a maid child. Lev. xii. 5.

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