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Mate (noun)

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Mate n.s. [maca, Saxon; maet, Dutch.]

  1. A husband or wife.

    I that am frail flesh and earthly wight,
    Unworthy match for such immortal mate,
    Myself well wote, and mine unequal fate.
    Fairy Queen.

  2. A companion, male or female.

    Go, base intruder! over-weening slave!
    Bestow thy fawning smiles on equal mates.

                        My competitor
    In top of all design, my mate in empire,
    Friend and companion in the front of war.

                You knew me once no mate
    For you; there sitting where you durst not soar.

    Damon, behold yon breaking purple cloud;
    Hear'st thou not hymns and songs divinely loud:
    There mounts Amyntas, the young cherubs play
    About their godlike mate, and sing him on his way.

                Leave thy bride alone:
    Go, leave her with her maiden mates to play
    At sports more harmless, till the break of day.

  3. The male or female of animals.

                Part single, or with mate;
    Graze the sea-weed their pasture, and through groves
    Of coral stray.
    Milton's Par. Lost, b. vii.

    Pliny tells us, that elephants know no copulation with any other than their own proper mate. Ayliffe's Parergon.

  4. One that sails in the same ship.

    What vengeance on the passing fleet she pour'd,
    The master frighted, and the mates devour'd.

  5. One that eats at the same table.

  6. The second in subordination; as, the master's mate; the chirurgeon's mate.

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