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Muzzle (noun)

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Mu'zzle. n.s. [museau, French.]

  1. The mouth of any thing; the mouth of a man in contempt.

    But ever and anon turning her muzzle toward me, she threw such a prospect upon me, as might well have given a surfeit to any weak lover's stomach. Sidney, b. ii.

    Huygens has proved, that a bullet continuing in the velocity with which it leaves the muzzle of the cannon, would require twenty-five years to pass from us to the sun. Cheyne.

    If the poker be out of the way, or broken, stir the fire with the tongs; if the tongs be not at hand; use the muzzle of the bellows. Swift's Rules to Servants.

  2. A fastening for the mouth, which hinders to bite.

    The fifth Harry from curbed licence plucks
    The muzzle of restraint; and the wild dog
    Shall flesh his tooth on ev'ry innocent.
    Shakesp. Henry IV.

                    Greyhounds, snowy fair,
    And tall as stags, ran loose, and cours'd around his chair;
    With golden muzzles all their mouths were bound.

Sources: Cheyne, George (26) · Dryden, John (788) · Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2 (72) · Sidney, Philip (140) · Swift, Jonathan (306)

Attributes: French (385) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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