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Name (verb)

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To Name. v.a. [from the noun.]

  1. To discriminate by a particular appellation.

    I mention here a son of the king's whom Florizel
    I now name to you; and with speed so pace
    To speak of Perdita.
    Shakespeare's Win. Tale.

    Thou hast had seven husbands, neither wast thou named after any of them. Tob. iii. 8.

    His name was called Jesus, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived. Luke ii. 21.

  2. To mention by name.

    Accustom not thy mouth to swearing: neither use thyself to the naming of the Holy One. Ecclus. xxiii. 9.

  3. To specify; to nominate.

    Did my father's godson seek your life?
    He whom my father nam'd? your Edgar.

    Bring me him up whom I shall name. 1 Sam. xxviii. 8.

    Let any one name that proposition, whose terms or ideas were either of them innate. Locke.

  4. To utter; to mention.

    Let my name be named on them. Gen. xlviii. 16.

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