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Nut. n.s. [hnut, Saxon; noot, Dutch; noix, Fr.]

  1. The fruit of certain trees; it consists of a kernel covered by a hard shell. If the shell and kernel are in the center of a pulpy fruit, they then make not a nut but a stone.

              One chanc'd to find a nut
    In the end of which a hole was cut,
    Which lay upon a hazel-root,
    There scatter'd by a squirrel;
    Which out the kernel gotten had;
    When quoth this Fay, dear queen be glad,
    Let Oberon be ne'er so mad,
    I'll set you safe from peril.
    Drayt. Nymphid.

    Nuts are hard of digestion, yet possess some good medicinal qualities. Arbuthnot on Aliments.

  2. A small body with teeth, which correspond with the teeth of wheels.

    The force of this faculty may be more conveniently used by the multiplication of several wheels, together with nuts belonging unto each, that are used for the roasting of meat. Wilkin's Mathem. Magick.

    Clocks and jacks, though the screws and teeth of the wheels and nuts be never so smooth, yet if they be not oiled, will hardly move. Ray on the Creation.

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