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Órange. n.s. [orange, Fr. aurentia, Latin.] The leaves have two lobes or appendages at their base like ears, and cut in form of a heart; the fruit is round and depressed, and of a yellow colour when ripe, in which it differs from the citron and lemon. The species are eight. Miller.

I will discharge it in your straw-colour'd beard, your orange tawny beard. Shakesp. Mids. Night's Dream.

The notary came aboard, holding in his hand a fruit like an orange, but of colour between orange tawny and scarlet, which cast a most excellent odour, and is used for a preservative against infection. Bacon's New Atlantis.

        Fine oranges, sauce for your veal,
Are charming when squeez'd in a pot of brown ale.

The ideas of orange colour and azure, produced in the mind by the same infusion of lignum nephriticum, are no less distinct ideas than those of the same colours taken from two different bodies. Locke.

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