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Óther. pron. [oðer, Sax. autre, Fr.]

  1. Not the same; not this; different.

    Of good actions some are better than other some. Hooker.

    Will it not be received
    That they have don't,
    Who dares receive it other?
    Shakesp. K. Lear.

    He that will not give just occasion to think, that all government in the world is the product only of force and violence, and that men live together by no other rules but that of beasts, where the strongest carries; and so lay a foundation for perpetual disorder and mischief, tumult, sedition and rebellion; things that the followers of that hypothesis so loudly cry out against, must of necessity find out another state of government. Locke.

    No leases shall ever be made other than leases for years not exceeding thirty-one, in possession, and not in reversion or remainder. Swift.

  2. Not I, or he, but some one else.

                          Were I king,
    I should cut off the nobles for their lands;
    Desire his jewels and this other's house.

    Physicians are some of them so conformable to the humour of the patient, as they press not the true cure of the disease; and some other are so regular in proceeding according to art, as they respect not the condition of the patient. Bacon, Essay 31.

    The dismayed matrons and maidens, some in their houses, other some in the churches with floods of tears and lamentable cries, poured forth their prayers to the Almighty, craving his help in that their hard distress. Knolles.

    The king had all he crav'd, or could compel,
    And all was done — let others judge how well.

  3. Not the one, not this, but the contrary.

    There is that controling worth in goodness, that the will cannot but like and desire it; and on the other side, that odious deformity in vice, that it never offers itself to the affections of mankind, but under the disguise of the other. South.

  4. Correlative to each.

    In lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Phil. ii. 3.

    Scotland and thou did each in other live,
    Nor would'st thou her, nor could she thee survive.

  5. Something besides.

    The learning of Latin being nothing but the learning of words, join as much other real knowledge with it as you can. Locke on Education, s. 169.

  6. The next.

                    Thy air,
    Thou other gold bound brow, is like the first;
    A third is like the former.
    Shakesp. Macbeth.

  7. The third past.

    Bind my hair up: as 'twas
    No, nor the t' other day.
    Ben. Johnson.

  8. It is sometimes put elliptically for other thing; something different.

    I can expect no other from those that judge by single sights and rash measures, than to be thought fond or insolent. Glanv.

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