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Pear. n.s. [poire, French; pyrum, Latin.]

The flower consists of several leaves, placed in a circular order, and expand in form of a rose, whose flower cup becomes a fleshy fruit, which is more produced toward the foot-stalk than the apple, but is hollowed like a navel at the extreme part; the cells, in which the seeds are lodged, are separated by soft membranes, and the seeds are oblong. The species are eighty-four: 1. Little musk pear, commonly called the supreme. 2. The Chio pear, commonly called the little bastard musk pear. 3. The hasting pear, commonly called the green chissel. 4. The red muscadelle, it is also called the fairest. 5. The little muscat. 6. The jargonelle. 7. The Windsor pear. 8. The orange musk. 9. Great blanket. 10. The little blanket pear. 11. Long stalked blanket pear. 12. The skinless pear. 13. The musk robin pear. 14. The musk drone pear. 15. The green orange pear. 16. Cassolette. 17. The Magdalene pear. 18. The great onion pear. 19. The August muscat. 20. The rose pear. 21. The perfumed pear. 22. The summer bon chrêtien, or good christian. 23. Salviati. 24. Rose water pear. 25. The choaky pear. 26. The russelet pear. 27. The prince's pear. 28. The great mouth water pear. 29. Summer burgamot. 30. The Autumn burgamot. 31. The Swiss burgamot. 32. The red butter pear. 33. The dean's pear. 34. The long green pear; it is called the Autumn month water pear. 35. The white and grey monsieur John. 36. The flowered muscat. 37. The vine pear. 38. Rousseline pear. 39. The knave's pear. 40. The green sugar pear. 41. The marquis's pear. 42. The burnt cat; it is also called the virgin of Xantonce. 43. Le Besidery; it is so called from Heri, which is a forest in Bretagne between Bennes and Nantes, where this pear was found. 44. The crasane, or burgamot crasane; it is also called the flat butter pear. 45. The lansac, or dauphin pear. 46. The dry martin. 47. The villain of Anjou; it is also called the tulip pear and the great orange. 48. The large stalked pear. 49. The Amadot pear. 50. Little lard pear. 51. The good Lewis pear. 52. The colmar pear; it is also called the manna pear and the late burgamot. 53. The winter long green pear, or the landry wilding. 54. La virgoule, or la virgoleuse. 55. Poire d'Ambrette; this is so called from its musky flavour, which resembles the smell of the sweet sultan flower, which is called Ambrette in France. 56. The winter thorn pear. 57. The St. Germain pear, or the unknown of the la Fare; it being first discovered upon the banks of a river called by that name in the parish of St. Germain. 58. The St. Augustine. 59. The Spanish bon chrêtien. 60. The pound pear. 61. The wilding of Cassoy, a forest in Brittany, where it was discovered. 62. The lord Martin pear. 63. The winter citron pear; it is also called the musk orange pear in some places. 64. The winter rosselet. 65. The gate pear: this was discovered in the province of Pictou, where it was much esteemed. 66. Bergamotte Bugi; it is also called the Easter burgamot. 67. The winter bonchrêtien pear. 68. Catillac or cadillac. 69. La pastourelle. 70. The double flowering pear. 71. St. Martial; it is also called the angelic pear. 72. The wilding of Chaumontelle. 73. Carmelite. 74. The union pear. 75. The aurate. 76. The fine present; it is also called St. Sampson. 77. Le rousselet de reims. 78. The summer thorn pear. 79. The egg pear; so called from the figure of its fruit, which is shaped like an egg. 80. The orange tulip pear. 81. La mansuette. 82. The German muscat. 83. The Holland burgamot. 84. The pear of Naples. Miller.

They would whip me with their fine wits, till I were as crest-faln as a dried pear. Shakespeare's Merch. of Venice.

August shall bear the form of a young man, of a choleric aspect, upon his arm a basket of pears, plums and apples. Peac.

                              The juicy pear
Lies in a soft profusion scatter'd round.

Sources: Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (83) · Miller, Philip (58) · Peacham, Henry (53) · Thomson, James (73)

Attributes: French (385) · Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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