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Pitch (verb neuter)

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To Pitch. v.n.

  1. To light; to drop.

    When the swarm is settled, take a branch of the tree whereon they pitch, and wipe the hive clean. Mortimer.

  2. To fall headlong.

    The courser o'er the pommel cast the knight;
    Forward he flew, and pitching on his head,
    He quiver'd with his feet, and lay for dead.

  3. To fix choice.

    We think 'tis no great matter which,
    They're all alike, yet we shall pitch
    On one that fits our purpose.

    A free agent will pitch upon such a part of his choice, with knowledge certain. More's Divine Dialogues.

    The subject I have pitched upon may seem improper. South.

    I pitched upon this consideration that parents owe their children, not only material subsistence, but much more spiritual contribution to their mind. Digby on the Soul.

    The covetous man was a good while at a stand; but he came however by degrees to pitch upon one thing after another. L'Estrange's Fables.

    Pitch upon the best course of life, and custom will render it most easily. Tillotson's Sermons.

    I translated Chaucer, and amongst the rest pitched upon the wife of Bath's tale. Dryden's Fables.

  4. To fix a tent or temporary habitation.

    They pitched by Emmaus in the plain. 1 Mac. iii. 40.

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Attributes: Verb Neuter (131)

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