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Plénty. n.s. [from plenus, full.]

  1. Abundance; such a quantity as is more than enough.

    Dear nurse of arts, plenties and joyful birth.

    What makes land, as well as other things, dear, is plenty of buyers, and but few sellers; and so plenty of sellers and few buyers makes land cheap. Locke.

  2. Fruitfulness; exuberance.

                    The teeming clouds
    Descend in gladsome plenty o'er the world.

  3. It is used, I think, barbarously for plentiful.

    To grass with thy calves,
    Where water is plenty.
    Tusser's Husbandry.

    If reasons were as plenty as black berries, I would give no man a reason on compulsion. Shakesp. Henry IV.

  4. A state in which enough is had and enjoyed.

    Ye shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the Lord. Joel ii. 26.

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