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Quadrate (noun)

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Qua'drate. n.s.

  1. A square; a surface with four equal and parallel sides.

    And 'twixt them both a quadrate was the base,
    Proportion'd equally by seven and nine;
    Nine was the circle set in heaven's place,
    All which compacted, made a goodly diapase.
    Fa. Queen.

    Whether the exact quadrate or the long square be the better, is not well determined; I prefer the latter, provided the length do not exceed the latitude above one third part. Wotton.

                        The powers militant
    That stood for heav'n, in mighty quadrate join'd
    Of union irresistible, mov'd on
    In silence their bright legions.

    To our finite understanding a quadrate, whose diagonal is commensurate to one of the sides, is a plain contradiction. More's Divine Dialogues.

  2. [Quadrat, Fr.] In astrology, an aspect of the heavenly bodies, wherein they are distant from each other ninety degrees, and the same with quartile. Dict.

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Attributes: French (385) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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