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Random (noun)

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View Scan · View Transcription · from pages 1635, 1634

Ra'ndom. n.s. [randon, Fr.] Want of direction; want of rule or method; chance; hazard; roving motion.

Thy words at random argue thy inexperience. Milton.

He lies at random carelessly diffus'd,
With languish'd head unpropt,
As one past hope abandon'd.

Fond love his darts at random throws,
And nothing springs from what he sows.

The striker must be dense, and in its best velocity: the angle, which the missive is to mount by, if we will have it go to its furthest random, must be the half of a right one; and the figure of the missive must be such, as may give scope to the air to bear it. Digby.

In the days of old the birds lived at random in a lawless state of anarchy; but in time they moved for the setting up of a king. L'Estrange's Fables.

Who could govern the dependance of one event upon another, if that event happened at random, and was not cast into a certain relation to some foregoing purpose to direct. South.

'Tis one thing when a person of true merit is drawn as like as we can; and another, when we make a fine thing at random, and persuade the next vain creature that 'tis his own likeness. Pope.

Sources: Digby, Kenelm (13) · L'Estrange, Roger (131) · Milton, John (449) · Pope, Alexander (393) · South, Robert (158) · Waller, Edmund (63)

Attributes: French (385) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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