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Red. adj. [from the old Saxon, ꞃꝺ; rhud, Welsh. As the town of Hertford, Mr. Camden, in his Britannia, noteth, first was called, by the Saxons, Herudford, the rud ford, or the red ford or water; high Dutch, rot; from the Greek, ἔρυθρον; French, rouge; Italian, rubro; from the Latin, ruber. Peacham.] Of the colour of blood, of one of the primitive colours, which is subdivided into many; as scarlet, vermilion, crimson.

                Look I so pale.
— Ay, and no man in the presence,
But his red colour hath forsook his cheeks.

Bring me the fairest creature northward born,
To prove whose blood is reddest.
Shakesp. Merch. of Ven.

His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk. Gen. xlix. 12.

Th' angelick squadron turn'd fiery red. Milton.

If red lead and white paper be placed in the red light of the coloured spectrum, made in a dark chamber by the refraction of a prism, the paper will appear more lucid than the red lead, and therefore reflects the red making rays more copiously than red lead doth. Newton's Opticks.

The sixth red was at first of a very fair and lively scarlet, and soon after of a brightet colour, being very pure and brisk, and the best of all the reds. Newton's Opticks.

            Why heavenly truth,
And moderation fair, were the red marks
Of superstition's scourge.
Thomson's Winter.

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