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To Rend. v.a. pret. and pret. pass. rent. [rendan, Saxon.] To tear with violence; to lacerate.

                            Will you hence
Before the tag return, whose rage doth rend
Like interrupted waters, and o'erbear
What they are used to bear.
Shakesp. Coriolanus.

He rent a lion as he would have rent a kid, and he had nothing in his hand. Jud. xiv. 4.

I will not rend away all the kingdom, but give one tribe to thy son. 1 Kings xi. 13.

By the thund'rer's stroke it from th' root is rent,
So sure the blows, which from high heaven are sent.

What you command me to relate,
Renews the sad remembrance of our fate,
An empire from its old foundations rent.

                Look round to see
The lurking gold upon the fatal tree;
Then rend it off.
Dryden's Æneis.

It is not as much reason to say, when any monarchy was shattered to pieces, and divided amongst revolted subjects, that God was careful to preserve monarchical power, by rending a settled empire into a multitude of little governments. Locke.

When its way th' impetuous passion found,
I rend my tresses, and my breast I wound.

From cloud to cloud the rending lightnings rage. Thoms.

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