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Rule (verb active)

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To Rule. v.a. [from the noun.]

  1. To govern; to controll; to manage with power and authority.

                It is a purpos'd thing
    To curb the will of the nobility;
    Suffer't, and live with such as cannot rule,
    Nor ever will be rul'd.
    Shakesp. Coriolanus.

    Marg'ret shall now be queen, and rule the king;
    But I will rule both her, the king, and realm.

    A greater power now rul'd him. Milton.

    Rome! 'tis thine alone with awful sway,
    To rule mankind, and make the world obey,
    Disposing peace and war thy own majestick way.

  2. To manage.

    He sought to take unto him the ruling of the affairs. 1 Mac.

  3. To settle as by a rule.

    Had he done it with the pope's license, his adversaries must have been silent; for that's a ruled case with the schoolmen. Atterbury.

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