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Sédentary. adj. [sedentaire, French; sedentario, Italian; sedentarius, from sedeo, Latin]

  1. Passed in sitting still; wanting motion or action.

    A sedentary life, appropriate to all students, crushes the bowels; and, for want of stirring the body, suffers the spirits to lie dormant. Harvey on Consumptions.

    The blood of labouring people is more dense and heavy than of those who live a sedentary life. Arbuthnot.

  2. Torpid; inactive; sluggish; motionless.

                The sedentary earth,
    That better might with far less compass move,
    Serv'd by more noble than herself, attains
    Her end without least motion.

            'Till length of years
    And sedentary numbness, craze my limbs
    To a contemptible old age obscure.
    Milton's Agonistes.

    The soul, considered abstractedly from its passions, is of a remiss sedentary nature, slow in its resolves, and languishing in its executions. Addison's Spectator.

Sources: Addison, Joseph (408) · Arbuthnot, John (227) · Harvey, Gideon (42) · Milton, John (449)

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