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Séizure. n.s. [from seize.]

  1. The act of seizing.

  2. The thing seized.

    Sufficient that thy pray'rs are heard, and death,
    Then due by sentence when thou did'st transgress,
    Defeated of his seizure, many days
    Giv'n thee of grace.
    Milton's Paradise Lost.

  3. The act of taking forcible possession.

    Thy lands, and all things that thou do'st call thine,
    Worth seizure, do we seize into our hands.

    In the general town he maintained a seizure, and possession of the whole. Wotton.

    Henry continued to burn protestants, after he had cast off the pope; and his seizure of ecclesiastical revenues cannot be reckoned as a mark of the church's liberty. Swift.

  4. Gripe; possession.

    And shall these hands, so lately purg'd of blood,
    Unyoke this seizure, and this kind regreet?

    Make o'er thy honour by a deed of trust,
    And give me seizure of the mighty wealth.

  5. Catch.

    Let there be no sudden seizure of a lapsed syllable to play upon it. Watts.

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