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Starve (verb neuter)

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To Starve. v.n. [ꞅꞇaꞃꝼan, Saxon; sterven, Dutch, to die.]

  1. To perish; to be destroyed. Obsolete.

    To her came message of the murderment,
    Wherein her guiltless friends should hopeless starve.

  2. To perish with hunger. It has with or for before the cause, of less properly.

    Were the pains of honest industry, and of starving with hunger and cold, set before us, no body would doubt which to chuse. Locke.

    An animal that starves of hunger, dies feverish and delirious. Arbuthnot.

  3. To be killed with cold.

    Have I seen the naked starve for cold,
    While avarice my charity controll'd?

  4. To suffer extreme poverty.

    Sometimes virtue starves while vice is fed:
    What then! Is the reward of virtue bread?

  5. To be destroyed with cold.

    Had the seeds of the pepper-plant been born from Java to these northern countries, they must have starved for want of sun. Woodward's Natural History.

Sources: Arbuthnot, John (227) · Fairfax, Edward (30) · Locke, John (269) · Pope, Alexander (393) · Sandys, George (23) · Woodward, John (78)

Attributes: Dutch (90) · Saxon (215) · Verb Neuter (131)

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