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Stéril. adj. [sterile, French; sterilis, Latin] Barren; unfruitful; not productive; wanting fecundity.

            Our elders say,
The barren, touched in this holy chase,
Shake off their steril curse.
Shakesp. Julius Cæsar.

Thy sea marge steril, and rocky hard. Shakes. Tempest.

In very steril years corn sown will grow to another kind. Bacon's Natural History.

To separate seeds, put them in water; such as are corrupted and steril swim. Brown's Vulgar Errours.

She is grown steril and barren, and her births of animals are now very inconsiderable. More's Antidote against Atheism.

When the vegetative stratum was once washed off by rains, the hills would have become barren, the strata below yielding only mere sterile and mineral matter, such as was inept for the formation of vegetables. Woodward.

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