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Stráwberry. n.s. [fragaria, Latin.] A plant.

It hath a perennial fibrose root: the leaves are veined, growing upon each footstalk; the stalks trail upon the ground: the cup of the flower consists of one leaf, divided into ten equal parts, and expands in form of a star: the flower consists, for the most part, of five leaves, expanded in form of a rose, and having many stamina in the middle, round the base of the ovary: the fruit is globose or oval, and consists of a fleshy eatable pulp, full of protuberances. The species are seven. Mill.

The strawberry grows underneath the nettle,
And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best,
Neighbour'd by fruit of baser quality.
Shak. Henry V.

Content with food, which nature freely bred,
On wildings and on strawberries they fed.

Strawberries, by their fragrant smell, seem to be cordial: the seeds obtained by shaking the ripe fruit in Winter, are an excellent remedy against the stone. The juice of strawberries and limmons in spring-water is an excellent drink in bilious fevers. Arbuthnot on Diet.

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