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We are now seeking volunteers to help us with the following tasks:

  • Transcription

    If you would like to help with our transcription efforts, send me an email at atrejub@gmail.com - I will get back to you as quickly as possible with a link to our spreadsheet and instructions. See the sample markup below.

Sample Transcription:

<span class="headword">Hype'rbola</span>. <i>n.s.</i> [<i>hyperbole</i>, Fr. ||GREEK|| and ||GREEK||.] In geometry, a section of a cone made by a plane, so that the axis of the section inclines to the opposite leg of the cone, which in the parabola is parallel to it, and in the ellipsis intersects it. The axis of the hyperbolical section will meet also with the opposite side of the cone, when produced above the vertex. <i>Harris.</i>

<span class="quotedText">Had the velocities of the several planets been greater or less than they are, or had their distances from the sun, or the quantity of the sun's matter, and consequently his attractive power been greater or less than they are now, with the same velocities, they would not have revolved in concentrick circles, but have moved in <i>hyperbola's</i> very eccentrick.</span> <i>Bentley's Serm.</i>


If you are using Windows, you might want to take a look at the open source Johnson's Dictionary Transcription Helper.

Please send plain .txt files if possible (Notepad in Windows, textedit on a Mac, etc) - Microsoft Word tends to add spaces and use "fancy quotes," which messes things up.

You can send a straight transcription of the text without tags or you can add tags such as those listed below (this speeds up the process of getting your entries posted):

  • The most important parts are the <span class="headword"></span> and <span class="quotedText"></span> tags around the headword and illustrative quotes. If the headword is a verb and thus includes the word "To", place the "To" before the headword tag: To <span class="headword">Go</span>.

  • When transcribing poetry, place a <br> at the end of each line.

  • Author names are surrounded by <i></i>.

  • Foreign or unclear words can be marked ||GREEK|| or ||UNKNOWN|| as needed. Accented characters can similarly be marked if you are unfamiliar with the HTML codes for accented characters. For example, you can mark liberté as either ||liberte|| or libert||e||.

  • Transcribe the long s (ſ as in deſire) as a regular s (desire).

  • № is entered as a special code: &#8470; - "№. 27." is thus "&#8470;. 27."

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