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Témple. n.s. [temple, Fr. templum, Lat.]

  1. A place appropriated to acts of religion.

                            The honour'd gods
    Throng our large temples with the shews of peace.

    Here we have no temple but the wood, no assembly but hornbeasts. Shakespeare's As you like it.

    Most sacrilegious murther hath broke ope
    The lord's anointed temple, and stole thence
    The life o' th' building.
    Shakespeare's Macbeth.

            This guest of Summer,
    The temple haunting martlet.
    Shakespeare's Macbeth.

  2. [Tempora, Latin.] The upper part of the hides of the head where the pulse is felt.

                        Her sunny locks
    Hang on her temples like a golden fleece.

    We may apply intercipients of mastich upon the temples; frontals also may be applied. Wiseman's Surgery.

    To procure sleep, he uses the scratching of the temples and ears; that even mollifies wild beasts. Arbuthnot.

    The weapon enter'd close above his ear,
    Cold through his temples glides the whizzing spear.

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Attributes: French (385) · Latin (690) · Noun Substantive (1269)

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