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That (pronoun)

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That, pronoun. [thata, Gothick; ðæt, Saxon; dat, Dutch.]

  1. Not this, but the other.

    He wins me by that means I told you. Shakespeare.

            Octavia, not only that,
    That were excuseable, that and thousands more
    Of semblable import, but he hath wag'd
    New wars against Pompey.

  2. Which; relating to an antecedent thing.

            You'll rue the time
    That clogs me with this answer.
    Shakesp. Macbeth.

    Nothing they but dust can show,
    Or bones that hasten to be so.

  3. Who; relating to an antecedent person.

    Saints that taught and led the way to heav'n. Tickel.

  4. It sometimes serves to save the repetition of a word or words foregoing.

    I'll know your business, that I will. Shakesp. Henry IV.

    They said, what is that to us? see thou to that. Matth.

    Ye defraud, and that your brethren. 1 Cor. vi. 8.

    Yet for all that, when they be in the land of their enemies I will not cast them away. Lev. xxvi. 44.

    They weep as if they meant
    That way at least proud Nabas to prevent.

    This runick subject will occur upon that of poetry. Temple.

    What is inviting in this sort of poetry proceeds not so much from the idea of a country life itself, as from that of its tranquility. Pope.

  5. Opposed to this as the other to one.

    This is not fair; nor profitable that;
    Nor t'other question proper for debate.
    Dryden's Persius.

    In this scale gold, in t'other fame does lie,
    The weight of that mounts this so high.

  6. When this and that relate to foregoing words, this is referred like hic or cecy to the latter, and that like ille or cela to the former.

  7. Such as.

    By religion is meant a living up to those principles, that is, to act conformably to our best reason, and to live as becomes those who believe a God and a future state. Tillotson.

  8. That which; what.

    Sir, I think the meat wants that I have.
    — — Basting.
    Shakesp. Comedy of Errours.

  9. The thing.

    The Nazarite hath vowed, besides that that his hand shall get. Num. vi. 21.

    He made that art which was a rage. Cowley.

  10. The thing which then was.

            Secure proud Nabas slept,
    And dreamt, vain man, of that day's barb'rous sport.

  11. By way of eminence.

    This is that Jonathan, the joy and grace,
    That Jonathan in whom does mixt remain
    All that fond mothers wish.

    Hence love himself, that tyrant of my days. Cowley.

  12. In That. A being.

    Things are preached not in that they are taught, but in that they are published. Hooker, b. v.

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