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Túrkey. n.s. [gallina turcica, Lat.] A large domestick fowl brought from Turkey.

Here he comes swelling like a turkey-cock. Shakesp.

The turkey-cock hath swelling gills, the hen less. Bacon.

So speeds the wily fox,
Who lately filch'd the turkey's callow care.

Sources: Bacon, Francis (396) · Gay, John (51) · Shakespeare's Henry V (66)

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  1. This definition is for the Hamburgh Chicken. The latin name gallina turcica was coined by Aldrovandi; it has never referred to a turkey (meleagris gallopavo), but to what is now called the Hamburgh Chicken, which has had, over the course of history, the names “Turkey Fowl,” “Bolton Grey,” “Creole Fowl,” and “Dutch Everyday Layers” (see The Country Gentleman: A Journal for the Farm, the Garden, and the Fireside, Albany, NY. Nov 16, 1854. Vol. IV, No. 20, Whole No. 98. Page 315).

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