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Tutor (noun)

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Tutor. n.s. [tutor, Lat. tuteur, Fr.] One who has the care of another's learning and morals; a teacher or instructor.

When I am as I have been,
Approach me, and thou shalt be as thou wast,
The tutor and the seeder of my riots;
Till then I banish thee on pain of death.

Ah, tutor, look where bloody Clifford comes. Shakesp.

When nobles are the tailors tutors;
No hereticks burnt but wenches suiters.

A primitive Christian, that coming to a friend to teach him a psalm, began, I said I will look to my ways, that I offend not with my tongue; upon which he stop'd his tutor, saying, this is enough if I learn it. Government of the Tongue.

His body thus adorn'd, he next design'd
With lib'ral arts to cultivate his mind:
He sought a tutor of his own accord,
And study'd lessons he before abhorr'd.

No science is so speedily learned by the noblest genius without a tutor. Watts.

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