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n.s. [tyrannus, Latin; tyrannique, French; τυραννικὸς.] Suiting a tyrant; acting like a tyrant; cruel; despotick; imperious.

        Charge him home that affects
Tyrannic power.
Shakesp. Coriolanus.

You have contriv'd to take
From Rome all season'd office, and to wind
Yourself into a power tyrannical.

Domitian had been tyrannical; and in his time many noble houses were overthrown by false accusations. Bacon.

Our sects a more tyrannick power assume,
And would for scorpions change the rods of Rome.

Subdue and quell, o'er all the earth,
Brute violence, and proud tyrannick pow'r.

If the spirit of a subject be rebellious, in a prince it will be tyrannical and intolerable. Taylor.

          She hath recourse
To tears and prayers, again she feels the smart
Of a fresh wound from the tyrannick dart.

And by the nobles, by his commons curst,
Th' oppressor rul'd tyrannick where he durst;
Stretched o'er the poor and church his iron rod,
And treats alike his vassals and his God.

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