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Útterance. n.s. [from utter.]

  1. Pronunciation; manner of speaking.

    He, with utt'rance grave, and countenance sad,
    From point to point discours'd his voyage.
    Fa. Queen.

  2. [Outrance, Fr.] Extremity; terms of extreme hostility.

        Of him I gather'd honour;
    Which he to seek of me again perforce,
    Behoves me keep at utterance.
    Shakesp. Cymbeline.

                      Mine eternal jewel
    Giv'n the common enemy of man,
    To make them kings; the seed of Banquo kings!
    Rather than so, come, fate, into the list,
    And champion me to th' utterance.
    Shakesp. Macbeth.

  3. Vocal expression; emission from the mouth.

    'Till Adam, though no less than Eve abash'd,
    At length gave utterance to these words constrain'd.

    Speaking is a sensible expression of the notions of the mind, by several discriminations of utterance of voice, used as signs, having by consent several determinate significancies. Holder.

    There have been some inventions, which have been able for the utterance of articulate sounds, as the speaking of certain words. Wilkin's Math. Magick.

    Many a man thinks admirably well, who has a poor utterance; while others have a charming manner of speech, but their thoughts are trifling. Watts.

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