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Vácant. adj. [vacant, Fr. vacans, Latin.]

  1. Empty; unfilled; void.

    Why should the air so impetuously rush into the cavity of the receiver, if there were before no vacant room to receive it. Boyle's Works.

    A better race to bring into their vacant room. Milton.

  2. Free; unencumbered; uncrouded.

    Religion is the interest of all; but philosophy of those only that are at leisure, and vacant from the affairs of the world. More's Divine Dialogues.

    A very little part of our life is so vacant from uneasinesses, as to leave us free to the attraction of remoter good. Locke.

  3. Not filled by an incumbent, or possessor.

    Lest the fiend invade vacant possession. Milton.

    Others when they allowed the throne vacant, thought the succession should immediately go to the next heir. Swift.

  4. Being at leisure; disengaged.

    They which have the government, scatter the army abroad, and place them in villages to take their victuals of them, as such vacant times as they lie not in camp. Spenser.

    Sir John Berkley was the more vacant for that service, by the reduction of Barnstaple. Clarendon.

    The memory relieves the mind in her vacant moments, and prevents any chasms of thought, by ideas of what is past. Addison.

  5. Thoughtless; empty of thought; not busy.

                  The wretched slave,
    Who, with a body fill'd, and vacant mind,
    Gets him to rest, cramm'd with distressful bread.

    The duke had a pleasant and vacant face, proceeding from a singular assurance in his temper. Wotton's Buck.

    Some vain amusement of a vacant soul. Irene.

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