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Vi'rtuous. adj. [from virtue.]

  1. Morally good.

    If his occasion were not virtuous,
    I should not urge it so faithfully.

    Virtuous and holy, be thou conqueror. Shakespeare.

                What she will to do or say
    Is wisest, virtuousest, discreetest, best.

    Favour'd of heaven, who finds
    One virtuous rarely found,
    That in domestick good combines:
    Happy that house! his way to peace is smooth.

  2. [Applied to women.] Chaste.

    Mistress Ford, the modest wife, the virtuous creature, that hath the jealous fool to her husband! Shakesp.

  3. Done in consequence of moral goodness.

    Nor love is always of a vicious kind,
    But oft to virtuous acts inflames the mind.

  4. Efficacious; powerful.

    With one virtuous touch, th' arch-chemic sun,
    Produces, with terrestrial humour mix'd,
    Here in the dark, so many precious things.

  5. Having wonderful or eminent properties.

                        Out of his hand,
    That virtuous steed he rudely snatch'd away.
    Fairy Queen.

                Lifting up his virtuous staff on high,
    He smote the sea, which calmed was with speed.

    He own'd that virtuous ring and glass. Milton.

  6. Having medicinal qualities.

    Some observe that there is a virtuous bezoar, and another without virtue; the virtuous is taken from the beast that feedeth where there are theriacal herbs; and that without virtue, from those what feed where no such herbs are. Bacon.

                The ladies sought around
    For virtuous herbs, which, gather'd from the ground,
    They squezz'd the juice; and cooling ointment made.

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Attributes: Adjective (426)

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