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Wager (noun)

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Wáger. n.s. [from wage, to venture.]

  1. A bett; any thing pledged upon a chance or performance.

    Love and mischief made a wager, which should have most power in me. Sidney.

    The sea strove with the winds which should be louder; and the shrouds of the ship, with a ghastful noise to them that were in it, witnessed that their ruin was the wager of the other's contention. Sidney, b. ii.

    Full fast she fled, ne ever look'd behind;
    As if her life upon the wager lay.
    Fairy Queen.

    Besides these plates for horse-races, the wagers may be as the persons please. Temple.

    Factious, and fav'ring this or t' other side,
    Their wagers back their wishes.

    If any atheist can stake his soul for a wager, against such an inexhaustible disproportion; let him never hereafter accuse others of credulity. Bentley's Sermons.

  2. [In law.] An offer to make oath. See to wage in law.

    Multiplication of actions upon the case were rare formerly, and there by wager of law ousted, which discouraged many suits. Hale.

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