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Wand. n.s. [vaand, Danish.]

  1. A small stick, or twig; a long rod.

    The skilful shepherd peel'd me certain wands. Shakesp.

    With a whip or wand, if you strike the air, the sharper and quicker you strike it, the louder sound it giveth. Bacon.

    His spear, to equal which the tallest pine
    Hewn on Norwegian hills, to be the mast
    Of some great admiral, were but a wand.

    A child runs away laughing, with good smart blows of a wand on his back, who would have cried for an unkind word. Locke on Education.

  2. Any staff of authority, or use.

    Though he had both spurs and wand, they seemed rather marks of sovereignty, than instruments of punishment. Sidney.

    He held before his decent steps a silver wand. Milton.

  3. A charming rod.

    Nay, lady, sit; if I but wave this wand,
    Your nerves are all chain'd up in alabaster.

    Picus bore a buckler in his hand;
    His other wav'd a long divining wand.

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