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Wave (noun)

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Wave. n.s. [wæʒe, Saxon; waegh, Dutch; vague, French.]

  1. Water raised above the level of the surface; billow; water driven into inequalities.

    The shore, that o'er his wave-worn basis bow'd. Shakesp.

    The waves that rise would drown the highest hill;
    But at thy check they flee, and when they hear
    Thy thund'ring voice, they post to do thy will.

    Amidst these toils succeeds the balmy night;
    Now hissing waters the quench'd guns restore;
    And weary waves withdrawing from the sight,
    Are lull'd, and pant upon the silent shore.

    The wave behind impels the wave before. Pope.

    Luxuriant on the wave-worn bank he lay
    Stretch'd forth, and panting in the sunny ray.

  2. Unevenness; inequality.

    Thus it happens, if the glass of the prisms be free from veins, and their sides be accurately plane and well polished, without those numberless waves, or curls, which usually arise from sand-holes a little smoothed in polishing with putty. Newton.

Sources: Dryden, John (788) · Newton, Isaac (40) · Pope, Alexander (393) · Shakespeare's Tempest (50) · Wotton, Henry (48)

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