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Where. adv. [hwœr, Saxon; waer, Dutch.]

  1. At which place or places.

    She visited that place, where first she was so happy as to see the cause of her unhap. Sidney.

    God doth in publick prayer respect the solemnity of places, where his name should be called on amongst his people. Hooker.

    In every land we have a larger space,
    Where we with green adorn our fairy bow'rs.

        In Lydia born,
    Where plenteous harvests the fat fields adorn.

  2. At what place.

    Ah! where was Eloise? Pope.

  3. At the place in which.

    Where I thought the remnant of mine age
    Should have been cherish'd by her child-like duty,
    I now am full resolv'd to take a wife.

  4. Any Where. At any place.

    Those subterraneous waters were universal, as a dissolution of the exterior earth could not be made anywhere but it would fall into waters. Burnet's Theory of the Earth.

  5. Where, like here, has in composition a kind of pronominal signification: as, whereof, of which.

  6. It has the nature of a noun. Not now in use.

    He shall find no where safe to hid himself. Spenser.

    Bid them farewel, Cordelia, though unkind:
    Thou losest here, a better where to find.
    Shakesp. K. Lear.

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