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While (noun)

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While n.s. [weil, German; þwile, Saxon.] Time; space of time.

If my beauty be any thing, then let it obtain this much of you, that you will remain some while in this company, to ease your own travel and solitariness. Sidney.

I have seen her rise from her bed, and again return to bed; yet all this while in a most fast sleep. Shakesp. Macbeth.

One while we thought him innocent,
And then w' accus'd the consul.
Ben. Johnson's Catiline.

I hope all ingenuous persons will advertise me fairly, if they think it worth their while, of what they dislike in it. Digby.

Pausing a while, thus to herself she mus'd. Milton.

How couldst thou look for other, but that God should condemn thee for the doing of those things for which thine own conscience did condemn thee, all the while thou wast doing of them? Tillotson.

That which I have all this while been endeavouring to convince men to, is no other but what God himself doth particularly recommend. Tillotson.

Few, without the hope of another life, would think it worth their while to live above the allurements of sense. Atterb.

What fate has disposed of the papers, 'tis not worth while to tell. Locke.

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