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Wink (noun)

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Wink. n.s. [from the verb.]

  1. Act of closing the eye.

                    You doing thus,
    To the perpetual wink for ay might put
    This ancient moral.
    Shakespeare's Tempest.

    Since I receiv'd command to do this business,
    I have not slept one wink.
    Shakes. Cymbeline.

    The beams so reverend and strong,
    Do'st thou not think
    I could eclipse and cloud them with a wink,
    But that I would not lose her sight so long?

    It raged so all night, that I could not sleep a wink. Temple.

            Not write! but then I think;
    And for my soul I cannot sleep a wink.

  2. A hint given by motion of the eye.

    Her wink each bold attempt forbids. Sidney.

    The stockjobber thus from 'Change-alley goes down,
    And tips you the freeman a wink;
    Let me have but your vote to serve for the town,
    And here is a guinea to drink.

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