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Yearn (verb neuter)

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To Yearn. v.n. [aꞃnan, Saxon.] To feel great internal uneasiness. In Spenser it is sometimes earn.

    He despis'd to tread in due degree,
But chaff'd, and foam'd, with courage fierce and stern,
And to be eas'd of that base burden still did yearn.

        Make the libbard stern
Leave roaring, when in rage he for revenge did yearn.

Though peeping close into the thick,
Might see the moving of some quick:
But were it fairy, fiend, or snake,
My courage earned it to wake,
And manfully thereat shot.

            Falstaff, he is dead,
And we must yern therefore.
Shakespeare's Hen. V.

Joseph made haste; for his bowels did yern upon his brother: and he sought where to weep, and he enter'd into his chamber. Gen. xliii. 30.

When the fair Leucothoe he spy'd,
To check his steeds, impatient Phœbus yearn'd,
Though all the world was in his course concern'd.

    Yet for all the yearning pain
Y' have suffer'd for their loves, in vain,
I fear they'll prove so nice and coy,
To have, and t' hold, and to enjoy.

Where our heart does but relent, his melts; where our eye pities, his bowels yearn. South's Sermons.

At beholding the miseries of others, they find such yearnings in their bowels, and such sensible commotions raised in their breasts, as they can by no means satisfy. Calamy.

Your mother's heart yearns towards you. Addison.

Unmov'd the mind of Ithacus remain'd;
But Anticlus, unable to controul,
Spoke loud the language of his yearning soul.

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Attributes: Saxon (215) · Verb Neuter (131)

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