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[from young.] A young person. In contempt.

How like a younker or a prodigal
The skarfed bark parts from her native bay,
Hugg'd and embraced by the strumpet wind.

What, will you make a younker of me? shall I not take mine ease in mine inn, but I shall so have my pocket pick'd. Shakespeare's Henry IV.

See how the morning opes her golden gates,
And takes her farewel of the glorious sun:
How well resembles it the prime of youth,
Timm'd like a yonker prancing to his love.

Fame tells, by age fame reverend grown,
That Phœbus gave his chariot to his son;
And whilst the youngster from the path declines,
Admiring the strange beauty of the signs,
Proud of his charge, he drove the fiery horse,
And would outdo his father in his course.

The youngster, who at nine and three,
Drinks with his sisters milk and tea,
From breakfast reads till twelve o'clock,
Burnet and Heylin, Hobbes and Locke.

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